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Internet Security Threats To Watch For in 2018

Concisely, according to the conspicuous report from The World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Risks Report stated cyber security as the third biggest hazardous condition after the natural catastrophes like drastic weather scenario and calamity disasters. Whereas, the approximate quantity of

The 3 W’s (Wares) in Security Management

1. Introduction 1.1 A reputable state-owned Security company in my country advocates the emphasis on the 3 Ms – Man, Methods and Machines, in its security management practice. In my view, another way of putting it is: the 3 Wares

Industrial Paper Shredder Purchase Guide – Companies And Choices

More and more business people are looking to buy the best industrial paper shredder for their needs. This is either in relation to the corporation’s shredding needs or to provide shredding services to their clients. Shredders are definitely a secure

Security Cameras Look Fuzzy? Maybe They’re Just Dirty

Most CCTV cameras sold in the security industry today use a Lexan dome or cover to protect the camera and lens. Lexan is the registered trademark, and is a type of polycarbonate plastic. What makes Lexan exceptional is it is

CoreBook Computer – The Future of Mobile Computing

Embedded systems have proved themselves to be a crucial contributor to the changing face of today’s industrial scenario. Fuelling in unbridled power into industrial computers to tackle the most complex applications, they have made quite an impression with a lot

Command and Control Systems Market to Grow Significantly in Near Future

Demand for interoperability between various armed forces and increasing adoption of these systems in commercial applications are driving the market. The land segment is projected to account for the largest market share during the forecast period The land platform segment

Top Designs of and Materials for Padlock Shackles

Shackle designs (i) Closed shackle design In this case, the body has its shoulders raised to conceal as much length of the shackle as possible, leaving a small section that is hard to access for attacking. This is the design