CoreBook Computer – The Future of Mobile Computing

Embedded systems have proved themselves to be a crucial contributor to the changing face of today’s industrial scenario. Fuelling in unbridled power into industrial computers to tackle the most complex applications, they have made quite an impression with a lot of the leading industrial sectors. Backed with the most durable components and peripherals sticking to the highest quality standards, the next generation embedded computers have what it takes to endure highly trying and harsh work environments. Multifunctional ability is the highlight of these systems even as they comprise a uniquely designed combination of software and hardware to perform highly challenging tasks that are a far cry for the common personal computers. This combination happens to be a programmed platform that is assigned with specific applications for the task and goes through various tests to make sure the systems offer long-life performance.

Embedded computers serve their purpose in a variety of areas, including military, the gaming industry, security and surveillance, and infotainment. Talking of their abilities and efficiency, a look into the highly popular CorBrick855E embedded computer will offer a good insight into what is possible at their behest. This highly rugged modular embedded system comes across as a high-powered per-watt platform for various thermal density and size constrained applications. Fitted with a long-life industrial motherboard, the CorBrick855E has an Intel 855GME chipset and an onboard integrated graphics utilizing Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Technology LVDS controller. Available with wall mount brackets, it is fully RoHS compliant and carries a five to eight year production life cycle guarantee to put your apprehensions to rest.

Another hugely prominent contender in this category is the LegaSys440 system, which is structured over the Raptor ATX long-life industrial motherboard, supports three full-length ISA slots with full DMA, pre-Pentium 4 software and is fully RoHS compliant. This system supports Windows 98Se, Windows 2K, Windows XP, and DOS operating systems, and is fuelled by the Intel Pentium III (Socket 370) 850MHz processor. With a five to eight year production life cycle guarantee, the LegaSys440 system can help you cut down considerably on your redesign recertification costs and greatly give a boost to your rate of investment.

From the recent trends in a growing league of industries, it is quite clear that embedded systems are headed towards a bigger picture of consistently aggressive development. With rising prospects in a broad range of areas that demand high-tech technological assistance, embedded computers are looking at a newer horizon of growth and credibility.