Catering Equipment on the Move: Anvil Stove

For caterers or event managers it is essential that catering equipment can be transported or moved easily. There’s no space and time for bulky catering equipment when you are catering for 100 or 200 guests. You need to be efficient and fast with lightweight and space saving commercial kitchen equipment. In such a busy industry, you have to be able to offer the best service and food.

The Anvil Stove is a small and light stove that comes in a one plate and two plate option. This makes transporting easy.

The Anvil Stove – One Plate has a plate diameter of 225 millimetres and weighs only 8 kilograms so it is quite light to carry. Plus it measures at 333 x 508 x 225 millimetres therefore you can easily transport it to the venue with no hassles.

The Anvil Stove – Two Plate weighs 12 kilograms which is not much heavier that the one plate version. The dimensions of this catering equipment measure at 580 x 508 x 225 millimetres, so it is only slightly bigger yet it is still easy to carry and transport between destinations.

The Anvil Stove is ideal for hygienic boiling and simmering. It has a rapid heat up time due to specially designed industrial quality elements which can be left on all day. It has a six stage heat switch that is perfect for simmering and boiling. The hot plates are manufactured to be safe and robust plus it is strong enough to hold a 60 litre pot. It has a modern neat design being manufactured with steel in a solid rectangular form. Because it is small it can be placed comfortably on a table or on a counter top. It will grip firmly to the counter top. It also has a splash guard as an added design feature.

This catering equipment is ideal for caterers who need to quickly boil vegetables at a hall or they need to keep food items warm while they are busy preparing other dishes. If you need to simmer food that you prepared earlier in the day before you arrived at that hall, then you can do so as well.

The Anvil Stove is portable and ideal for caterers who are always on the move and have to transport food, dishes, and other catering equipment. The right set of portable catering equipment can make all the difference when it comes to efficiency and delivery.