Catering Equipment: Cost Saving Tips

For caterers and restaurants, catering equipment and the food industry in general can be costly. Everything costs money from the staff and the catering equipment to the food items and appliances. It is essential that, as a caterer or restaurateur, that you know how to work with your finances so that your business can prosper.

Here are a few cost saving tips for your catering business or restaurant.

  • Monitor the hours that your staff work. Negligent or rebellious staff members may take advantage of the time factor by working slower than they should. Consequently, they don’t get all the work done within the working day and request over time.
  • Keep track of all food items that are purchased and used. Once your business is established you will know more or less how much of a certain food item you require. The next time you order that product, you can order the correct quantity instead of too much. For example, if you use 50 kilograms of sugar in one week, then your next sugar order should be for this quantity and not twice as much.
  • Prepare some foods in advance. Peel the potatoes or dice the vegetables in the morning before the day gets too busy. This is a time saving routine but by doing this you are also opening yourself up to taking in more customers.
  • Monitor the portions that are prepared for each menu item. Some of your staff members may be using too much of a certain ingredient which could lead to wastage. Train your staff members to understand the portion sizes required for each menu item.
  • Keep an eye out for specials on the products you use regularly or get them at wholesale prices. For example, there may be a catering equipment sale on commercial fridges or deep fryers, or on other catering equipment that you may need. You can save a bundle if you wait for a sale.
  • Invest in an order processing system and train your staff. You need to keep track of each order that is received. Your kitchen needs to interpret that information precisely so that they can prepare the correct order. Miscommunication between the customer, the waiter and the kitchen leads to a lot of incorrect orders and losses.
  • Invite more natural light into your restaurant. Sunlight uplifts peoples’ moods so this is beneficial to your customers. To your business, it means that you use less electricity to light up the restaurant.

In the restaurant and catering business, every penny saved is a penny earned.