Hiding in Plain Sight – OPSEC For Defense Contractors

While on vacation this summer I had the opportunity to bump into a famous actress. Actually, I didn’t even notice her until my wife pointed her out. But, there she was walking right past us in Dollywood, USA. At first,

Preventative Maintenance on Security Systems

Security is nothing to fool around with. When it comes to protecting homes, offices and industrial buildings, people will take extreme measures to keep out unwanted personnel. CCTV, door access control systems, burglar alarms and intercoms are just a few

Maintaining Quality Security Standards in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel security, with regards to the guarding, require security officers that are fully trained; PSIRA registered, skilled and knowledgeable, and of course, presentable and well-groomed. Especially where the service offering and appearance of service elements in the hospitality industry is

Doing Business With the Intelligence Agency in Your Backyard

The BWI Business District is home to the National Security Agency (NSA), the area’s largest intelligence agency. NSA is home to America’s codemakers and codebreakers and is located within the Ft Meade footprint. NSA provides sensitive security information to U.S.

Importance of Industrial Safety

Human workforce is a crucial factor of any industry, no industry can imagine it’s growth in the absence of humans. It is not just industrial but also a social responsibility to pay attention on safety of all the workers or

Benefits of Industrial Shredders

Industrial shredders are commonly used nowadays in the businesses that normally have a lot of documents to dispose. These shredders are efficient in shredding documents and effective in terms of quality of shredding. They can also handle bulks of papers

Using Anecdotes in Security Training

The skill of storytelling is one of the most successful methods of conveying a message. Public speakers, teachers, and mentors draw on personal experience to relate to their audiences. Performed with skill and confidence a story can enhance training by

How to Wrap Classified Packages – A Guide For FSO’s

The National Industrial Security Program charges cleared contractors with protecting classified information. This protection extends through all phases of contracts and throughout the duration of the classification. Protection also includes the reception, storage, dissemination, and destruction of the information. Dissemination

UL 2050 Certification – What it is and How to Get It

Developing a UL 2050 Room Anyone already in the security business knows that getting a certificate from Underwriters Laboratories is no small task. On the contrary, getting a facility “certificated” is a lengthy and labyrinthine process that requires achieving a

Why You Should Write and Publish Your Books

Books are an excellent and inexpensive way to reach your target. Whether or not you want a career as a writer, or you want to launch your products through writing, your book will launch you. Readers regard authors as experts.