Top Factors of Consideration When Choosing a Concierge Doctor

Having a doctor on call isn’t a luxury anymore. The popularity of concierge medicine is growing as more individuals opt for bespoke healthcare experience. If you are considering this kind of membership-based healthcare, there are some elements you need to put in mind when selecting a doctor.

What is concierge medicine?
Determining how to get the right concierge doctor begins with knowing what concierge medicine is about and how it differs from traditional fee-for-service models. Simply put, concierge medicine refers to a healthcare model working through a retainer-based method. It needs a monthly or yearly fee to join a doctor’s practice in exchange for enhanced services, for example, availability and improved care. A concierge doctor limits his/her patient load, thus seeing drastically fewer patients. As a result, there’s more time for a personalized, holistic approach to patient care.

How to select a good concierge doctor

Finding the best concierge doctor might pose a few challenges because of their sheer number. You need to do your research by using tips such as explained here.
Can you trust the concierge doctor? Trust is vital as far as any healthcare is concerned, especially concierge medicine. The approach allows patients more time and access to their doctors, but they can only benefit most from it if they can trust them enough. You need a doctor you can trust and feel comfortable with to get the most worth out of the relationship. During initial consultations with a potential concierge doctor, note if there’s a connection and walk away if there is none.
Check patient limits. Part of the concierge medicine model is more time for patients. The affiliation should be personal and direct with your concierge medicine doctor. Thus, ask what a concierge doctor’s patient quota is. On average, a general practitioner sees over 2,000 patients, while concierge doctors limit the number to about 600. They do so to avoid increased appointment times and burnout. If a concierge doctor takes more patients than this number, ask why or seek another doctor.
Look at accessibility. Many individuals opt for concierge doctors due to their availability. It is not simple getting to a usual primary care facility during work hours let alone attempting to get an urgent appointment. Ask how you can contact a concierge doctor and the availability of appointments to select one who’s accessible to you. Also, ensure the concierge doctor has 24/7 accessibility.
Put into consideration the range of services. You need to find out what’s included in the concierge medicine doctor fee. There’s no standard definition of what a concierge doctor does, the reason it’s prudent to ask for a detailed breakdown. An essential factor in selecting a concierge doctor is to look at their range of services. For example, what does he treat? And does he create health plans? In addition, look at other factors, for instance, your travel plans. In case you require phone access a lot, it may be good to find a concierge practice with access to many doctors.

Finding a good concierge doctor isn’t easy; you have to research to make a prudent choice. Use the above points for the best experience with your concierge doctor.

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