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Is Your Company Ready For Industry 4.0 Transformation?

What is Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 is the 4th industrial revolution. To give a little history, industries used steam to make the machine work which increased production and reduced cost in the industrial revolution. The next phase of the revolution

Why the Hazmat Industry is the Perfect Storm For Terrorist Activity

Although anyone would agree that there is a major risk of a Terrorist attack within the USA, not many out there are willing to openly admit that there is a major problem today within the Hazmat Industry. Finely, DHS (Dept.

Maintaining Quality Security Standards in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel security, with regards to the guarding, require security officers that are fully trained; PSIRA registered, skilled and knowledgeable, and of course, presentable and well-groomed. Especially where the service offering and appearance of service elements in the hospitality industry is