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How to Choose the Best Security Guard Company

Hiring a good security guard company, can be quite a hard task as there are a large number of security companies that offer impeccable security solutions to industrial, residential and commercial properties. Most of these companies offer a team of

Internet Security Threats To Watch For in 2018

Concisely, according to the conspicuous report from The World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Risks Report stated cyber security as the third biggest hazardous condition after the natural catastrophes like drastic weather scenario and calamity disasters. Whereas, the approximate quantity of

The 3 W’s (Wares) in Security Management

1. Introduction 1.1 A reputable state-owned Security company in my country advocates the emphasis on the 3 Ms – Man, Methods and Machines, in its security management practice. In my view, another way of putting it is: the 3 Wares

Security Cameras Look Fuzzy? Maybe They’re Just Dirty

Most CCTV cameras sold in the security industry today use a Lexan dome or cover to protect the camera and lens. Lexan is the registered trademark, and is a type of polycarbonate plastic. What makes Lexan exceptional is it is

Preventative Maintenance on Security Systems

Security is nothing to fool around with. When it comes to protecting homes, offices and industrial buildings, people will take extreme measures to keep out unwanted personnel. CCTV, door access control systems, burglar alarms and intercoms are just a few

Maintaining Quality Security Standards in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel security, with regards to the guarding, require security officers that are fully trained; PSIRA registered, skilled and knowledgeable, and of course, presentable and well-groomed. Especially where the service offering and appearance of service elements in the hospitality industry is

Using Anecdotes in Security Training

The skill of storytelling is one of the most successful methods of conveying a message. Public speakers, teachers, and mentors draw on personal experience to relate to their audiences. Performed with skill and confidence a story can enhance training by

The Security Clearance Process in 30 Seconds

How are security clearances granted? Why does the Government grant them? How does the Government assign classification levels? Who is eligible? First of all, classified information must be protected. Part of the protection is to ensure only properly investigated and

The Facility Security Clearance – How Defense Contractors Get Clearances

Before a defense contractor can perform on a classified contact, it must be approved for a security clearance. You might familiar with security clearances for people, but defense contractor facilities must also be approved for security clearances called a facility

Various Types of Security Systems, Products and Gadgets

It is human tendency to ignore unpleasant circumstances until they happen! Security takes low priority among other things, when it should be treated as the most important and the foremost thing. No matter how secure your country, state or neighborhood