We all love, short, easy strategies to do things. We all love to obtain there without “trouble” or “drama” in the voyage to your goal or destination, even reliable of us feel those feelings sometimes. Who loves exactly what takes to have there without avoiding the job, trouble, obstacles or drama it genuinely takes to acquire there honestly without “taking the simple way”? That is what the following paragraphs will be about, the tough way without “easy” filters or cheating. 1972 Olympic swimming Champion Mark Spitz once said: “We all desire to win, but who likes to train?” Well, by far the most genuine winning means doing what ought to be done with total character rather than cheating or taking “building a way to the goal”. That also contradicts normal human instinct of “wanting a great way out”, or getting there without “drama” or overt work.

Let me input it this way, the worst of people easily succumb to people feelings to require to cheat, trick and have past hard work. The best folks are stronger and may surpass those feelings and genuinely achieve greatness.

Indeed, to exist in this genuine reality takes work, work, instead of avoiding issues fearfully. Who wants to realize that though. Reality “should” be something fun and friendly to us rather than taking work to exist in and make to get results for us also. Right? Face it, reality without our direction and intervention isn’t user-friendly as well as cooperative. The worst of people just cheat and “that is certainly it” until caught and embarrassed over it, the best individuals work and do what has to be done in a true and moral sense – that’s where the genuine glory is, in becoming the best. Who in normal human instinct wants to admit that fact though if it seems better to be “creative”, cheat and get it done “building a way”?

Indeed, being the worst, regardless how much you “win” happens to be the ghetto of life and existence. Real and earned mansions and luxury takes direction, discipline, thought, control and working hard, and then for it to feel great, you might want knowledge, responsibility and control on your own over it all. That is what makes real winning and succeeding in an authentic sense so faithfully in it all. You have to be strong in order to do a lot more than survive. That is reality. The fantasy may be the way of cheating, “creativity” and game playing. Serious could be the way, sappy rather than serious is just not the way. The frown of real thinking could be the first symbol of real power. Hey, I did not say there is no enjoyment there, I asserted was the 1st sign, the enjoyment practices success happens genuinely. We all want great self-esteem, but you are we ready to earn it through the ground up? Life and existence are just as real and since genuine once we are. Come on! This is in which the rubber meets the path.

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