Only we can easily remove our ceilings and floors and also have freedom, nobody. What I mean by ceilings and floors is limitations, fears of things, and fears of success and failure. With that said, I begin this post. When I genuinely consider limitations and limits though, they genuinely start “between the ears along with the thinking organ in my opinion though”. Yes, our greatest weaknesses and strengths come from ourselves and nowhere else, in case we are looking beyond ourselves, we have been making a big mistake. What is beyond us is often a symbol, our real selves are definitely the genuine temple on the living God in us and around us.

What I just mentioned seems somewhat extreme in some ways, nonetheless it has the merit and reality to become the honest truth. Like anyone, from time to time, I have looked to others and “outside” for my answers just to be genuinely and powerfully disappointed. Indeed, the only real genuine appointment we now have is not by outer “guru”, it can be with ourselves, plus the genuine meaning from the word guru in Sanskrit incidentally, translates roughly to self or genuine self. Nothing more, nothing less. So the ceilings, floors and walls that genuinely limit us are perceptions and they’re genuinely within us, and only we can easily remove them, really. When I consider reality, I “pervert” or change John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s words in this way: “Ask not what your reality are capable of doing for you, ask what you can perform with your reality.” Sure, I didn’t accept most on the book “Profiles In Courage”, but I realized the actual core message he was hoping to get across despite having politicians and politics though, I genuinely understood the rational context of his words “Ask not what your country is capable of doing for you, ask what you are capable of doing for your country”, I genuinely feel he wished to mean in a ideally working world: “Ask what you are capable of doing for your reality, not what your reality can ‘get’ to suit your needs.” After all, what sort of thinking propelled all the change in the 1960s anyway? Yes, when you have come this far without going “this is just too big much”, you realize what I am gaining access to. If you do not obtain it, I have all kinds of other more direct and articles where you could get my conception.

So, the essence of the I mean: If it can be to be, it’s up to us and nothing away from us. We as conscious, thinking, reasoning spiritual beings are definitely the Temple with the Living God instead of any other thing. That is it, the remaining is seat filler also to inform genuinely, if you can’t have the basics. This has been “Your Mind, My Mind”, this great article. The reality is inside you.

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