Welding Helmets

The usual welding helmet was all about utility, not appearance. These work magnificently, and there are a lot of picks regarding the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the helmet. An automatic darkening variable shade welding helmet can make life a fair bit less demanding, and an air fed mask lessens the danger of the inhaling of damaging fumes. But what a lot of welders love is to be able to exhibit some uniqueness and if you’re likely to be using the thing all day, why not? This is where custom headgear enter the picture, and the range is Enormous.

One thing to bear in mind about the custom helmet is that they still meet the same stringent industry quality principles as the standard headgear will. They offer auto darkening lens functionality, a wide angle viewing area, lightweight construction, adjustable head straps and lots of comfort, critical if you are wearing it for hours at a time.

Lots of the quality class auto-darkening welding helmet makes such as the Speedglas welding helmet, the Miller products, the Optrel welding products, and the helmets from Jackson welding accessories are all offered with custom decals or air-brushed designs with metallic paint finishes. You can also acquire the helmet from a bespoke business that provides custom patterns and hand-painted finishes that are a genuine work of art. Absolutely not to be thrown about the welding workshop. Artwork may include, but are not restricted to flames, skull designs, grim reapers, sharks and so on, but with the custom welding helmet finishers, you can select from a broad range of artwork, or make your own.

With regards to price, the auto darkening welding mask is normally a fair bit more pricey than the ordinary non darkening versions. Combine the custom design to it and you will be talking in the area of $100 upwards for a superior quality model. The auto darkening models are a fair bit larger than the non-darkening choices, and a bit of weight is added by the batteries and the auto darkening electronics system. Be certain that you get a product that is the proper size for you, and bear in mind that you will still need to utilize a welding hood to be sure of acceptable safety and protection.

Via the internet is a great place to source all the goods a welder could want, from basic welding masks, replacement viewing lens components, ventilator accessories and custom welding masks. Amazon offer a first-class product range, but if you genuinely need to be as distinctive as you can, you may possibly need to take advantage of the true customized companies. Sticking with one of the well known manufacturers and getting it customized will make certain that you get a quality helmet that meets all safety principles, is comfy, and will provide you with years of good service. So get on-line and acquire yourself an outstanding custom welding mask.


The Home Staging Industry – Manufacturing Need

The Professional Home Staging industry has exploded in growth over the past 20 years. What once was simply a common sense way to make your home more pleasing to prospective buyers has now become a multi-million-dollar business and practically a necessity for a home seller.

Manufacturing Need: People are generally drawn to things that are esthetically pleasing. Visual images produce feelings. When you have a prospective buyer looking at your home for the first time, you want them to come away with a positive feeling. A buyer who connects with your home on an emotional level is more likely to buy it, and pay more money for it than a buyer who doesn’t make that emotional connection.

Today, home sellers are paying professional stagers hundreds if not thousands of dollars to stage their homes. In the busy world we live in, it’s understandable why many home sellers would want to enlist the services of a professional to stage their home. Even if the cost is high, they may believe they can recoup the expense by getting more money when they do sell their home.

There is clearly some need for professional home staging services. Professional stagers promote their services to sellers who are truly in need of it. But, they then go a step further by often insisting that they are the only ones who can stage a home. They can be resolute in their opinion that the average person simply cannot stage their own home. Professional stagers have hours of specialized training, and they can be adamant that no one without that specialized training can achieve a similar level of staging excellence.

In these challenging economic times, many homeowners simply can’t afford to spend their money on a professional stager, so they set out to stage their homes themselves. Typically, do-it-yourself home stagers are confronted with an angry message of “you can’t do this…and you’re foolish for trying” from many in the professional staging community.

The Staging industry has been fairly successful in selling their message. In fact, they have sold us two messages. The first message, that staging is a good way to prepare your home for sale, seems both practical and truthful. The second message is that you need some level of formalized training to do staging, and no one but a trained professional should make such an attempt. This is where the industry messaging becomes ridiculous.

In its need to manufacture and then solidify its place in the home buying and selling process, the staging industry has cleverly sold us a true message within an implausible message. For the most part, we (consumers, buyers, sellers, realtors) have swallowed it. But, within the context of a self propelling model, it makes for good business.

Beware of perpetual motion machines: As an emerging industry, professional home staging seeks to establish credibility through “accreditation programs.” There are currently a number of individuals proclaiming themselves as authorities and setting up their own accreditation designations. Due to the sheer numbers of classes, books, and DVD’S about becoming a professional home stager, we have hit a tipping point in the professional staging industry. At this point, it appears the monetary core of the industry has shifted to education on how to become a professional stager. The industry’s dependence on the ability to attract more and more professional staging students also requires a sustained propagandized message that only a “professional” can properly stage a home.

In analyzing and removing the bias within the message, one must conclude that any homeowner, with sufficient self-education, motivation and abilities, can effectively market and stage their home for sale. Any message to the contrary is fueled by an agenda that is manufacturing need, and is simply not credible.

How Can a Good Real Estate Agent Help?


Consider the option of going ahead with a real estate agent because he helps the buyer or the seller of the property in more ways than one. Key responsibilities of a good agent make the entire process smooth, transparent, and easy for clients. However, this proposition is fraught with risk because finding a good agent is often a momentous task. This should not discourage home buyers and property sellers from hiring a good real estate agent as he alone can make things hassle-free for you. Therefore, your focus should be to look for an agent instead of searching for properties listed on various sites. Once you have roped in a verified and accredited agent to work on your behalf, the process of buying or renting or selling a home becomes much easier for you.

Local market knowledge

Equipped with local real estate market knowledge, he provides information of relevant properties available in the area. He studies the options that suit your budget and forwards the shortlisted options to you. This saves your valuable time and money. If you are interested, he shows you the properties. He is familiar with the area you would like to live in and offers accurate information about local infrastructure, school systems, water and sewer charges, public transportation and other concerns that impact your decision to rent or buy a home.


He takes care of the tedious process of negotiating the best deal for you. With skill and expertise, he knows the trends prevailing within the local property market and the competitive prices for various properties. You can bank on him to ensure the best deal and save your hard-money. His commission is also negotiable in most of the cases, depending on the level of involvement and effort put in.


He acts as your representative throughout the entire buying or selling process and therefore you need a reliable person you can fully trust in matters of right price and the suitable property features you need. He follows your instructions, works tirelessly to minimise your daily involvement in the matter of sale or purchase and seeks your presence only when it is unavoidable – to screen the best options for closing the deal.

Legal assistance

His knowledge about local laws related to the buying and selling of property helps you avoid legal issues. It ensures a smooth deal without any potential conflicts. A legally binding contract is drawn up and he helps you with all the paperwork, referring you to the appropriate professionals for dealing with all the legal matters.


As his up to date with current trends, he nurtures contacts and the professional network to flourish his business. This enables him to be aware of a wide range of available property in the area and suggest options to clients with the help of fellow professionals. Not having an intermediary will deprive you of this big advantage. There is a limit to searching properties online or seeking references through your contacts, but if you have an agent, then there is no limit to the options he can suggest with ease. Most of his suggestions come pretty close to what you look for.


Having him on board ensures maximum exposure for your property. Years of experience built an exhaustive database of potential customers and he refers your listing or requirement to generate leads. Gives sound advice on the market value component to price it realistically so that it is sold faster. He provides a visual presentation of your property and suggestions to enhance its marketability and coordinates marketing and advertising of your property on various platforms. Besides, the previews and arranges a walk through each potential home, to show properties that match your requirements and answers all your queries at various stages of the engagement to keep you updated of the progress achieved and ensure your satisfaction.


Source by Sanjiv Roy

How to Market Your Commercial Real Estate Loan Business


All too often I see small business owners missing the mark with their marketing. Sure, it’s easy to do when you specialize in a specific industry niche and you spend your time engulfed in industry sector jargon. However, it’s best to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and think your marketing through from their perspective, addressing their most important questions. Your customers want to be able to trust you, to know you are looking out for their interests and that you don’t just see them with Dollar Signs in your sunglasses.

Below is a sample page, perhaps good for a website, brochure, email, or letter. Why not look this over and consider how you might form your own message. Use your own voice, your own style and remember you are talking to your customer across the table for the first time. You know what questions they will ask. Show that you care, that you are working for them, and will go out of your way to get them the best rates, and great service. Here is the sample:

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Are you looking to purchase an income property such as an apartment building, small office building, or retail center? Would you like to put several rental properties in your real estate portfolio into one commercial mortgage? Wish to find a suitable piece of land and develop that property? Do you need a loan for acquisition and construction?

Do you want to buy a business property with a business on it; a restaurant, carwash, service station, laundry mat, hotel, etc.? Are you looking for a commercially zoned property with a warehouse or industrial building on it? Are you expanding an existing business and/or want to own the property under your business rather than paying the monthly lease?

Are you in the agricultural sector, looking for specifically zoned farming property; land for a vineyard, orchard, or crop such as berries, vegetables, or flowers? We have significant experience to make this happen. Our area in Southern CA has one of the best climates in the world, and incredible top soil for growing almost anything.

We can assist with all types of commercial real estate loans including government-guaranteed loans such as FHA, USDA, and HUD. If you are looking for an SBA 7(a) loan or a CDC/SBA 504 loan for commercial real estate we can get it done.

We can assist you with traditional commercial mortgages, commercial bridge loans, or commercial hard money loans. We also have lines on non-traditional sources for hard money commercial real estate loans, which are custom tailored to you needs for complicated projects outside the normal scope of typical commercial real estate loans and mortgage offerings.

— — — —

Why not try something like this? Just because the Federal Reserve has raised rates doesn’t mean you have to let new deals and new clients move to your competitors. I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


Source by Lance Winslow

Selling Property without A Real Estate Agent


I am going to sell my property without an agent. This refrain is being heard more and more these days as the Internet and real estate market evolves beyond the realtor-based transaction.

FSBO is an acronym meaning for sale by owner. The advantages of selling as a FSBO are numerous. With real estate commissions of six percent, you are looking at immediately saving tens of thousands of dollars in commissions. If for some reason this does not entice you, keep in mind you can use the savings to undercut the prices of similar homes in your area. This will move your house quickly off the market and let you get on with your life.

The key to selling your property is to be prepared. First, you need to find out the value of the property by looking at comparables in your area or trying an online valuation service. Once you have the value in mind, you need to determine whether this is acceptable. You also need to determine what you are really willing to accept as a sales price once haggling is completed. Always make sure you know your bottom line and stick to it.

The next step is list the property online on a FSBO site. Over 70 percent of homebuyers now find their properties online as the realize there is no need to endlessly drive around looking at homes that they may or may not be interested in. By going online, they can see what each home offers and then visit the appropriate property.

Given the use of the Internet by buyers, it is vital that you spend the time to upload pictures with your listings. You are only going to generate interest if the buyers can actually see the property. Every site allows you to upload digital photos and you should do so. Take care to show as much of the property as possible so that you can generate leads that are truly interested in buying.

Sellers wonder if they are correct to think they can sell their property without a realtor. With the Internet revolution, it is easy to do so and save tons of money on commissions.


Source by Raynor James