A new suggestion that is certainly good is really a new reality which is ultimately good and beneficial. With that dramatic statement, I begin this informative article. Why have a home in the past, progress can be a good thing, particularly when you know how to be effective the progress for your genuine benefit and progressively better reality. The past and residing in it literally is stagnation in most genuine sense.

In reality, madness of evolution is forward, not backward or stagnant, literally.

I remember someone of mine once said: “I wish I could turn back in time for an earlier age that’s better.” Well, I had an effective answer to that: “Even in case you went back on time and returned up to now, you’d probably still be on this time anyway.”

The point of my answer hasn’t been to shut him up or put him down, that it was to show him how reality genuinely works, and when the flow isn’t genuinely gone with, it is going to leave you behind even when you have the means and capability to genuinely cheat or circumvent. In fact, cheating and circumventing reality just isn’t going with the flow, it happens to be deeply downloading copyrighted movies, regardless of whether “undetectable” from the best of others. Indeed, cheating is just not superior ability regardless of whether “you pull off it”, it can be cheating. Why do you believe the philosophies of Plato, Marx and Kant sound so excellent but never work with practice, these are based on socialism, irrationally controlling behaviors, and conniving trickery that appears like law and order. Let us tell the truth there. For honesty, logic but not cheating you can get everywhere without your conscience biting at you such destructive ways although it is going to take “longer” and require more earning power, it can be worth it. Indeed, the original codes claim that philosophy and religion are meant to hold the answers. I say the email address details are genuinely in the honesty and chance to genuinely earn our way through reality, that’s where the email address particulars are. Call it a “new code”, think of it as “how it truly works”, but ultimately it offers the merit to become an honest, working method to live: Not trying to find short cuts and cheating solutions to live, should you get where I am via so far.

Sometimes, I remember what my Dad accustomed to say using a chuckle: “Nobody can fool his or her mind into thinking wrong is correct and right is wrong, what they have to do.” Indeed, we are able to go some other way than right thinking we’re going to win cheating, but even when we do, could we have cheated, that’s conscience, reality and fact calling us to generate amends even when “we got away by it.” That really is beyond ancient codes that call for making it easier, it’s really? Indeed, earning as well as the hard way will be the only way, and when we really want whatever we want, we shall do it honestly.

My name is Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer headquartered in Inglewood, California. I also write with a few pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write by that generally now. I am a philosophical writer and objective thinker and honest action taker. I also just work at a senior center in Gardena, California as my employment, among other things, but primarily I am a writer.

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