What the majority of people call normality was the dream an entire world of the 1930s and 1940s over the 1980s being “a better time”. When truth is thought of, what can we think of? Mom, Apple Pie and Sweet Sovereign Capitalist America? Well, that whole “normal thing” was the actual dream world that never really existed.

I, because there are many of the all you wish on occasion that really existed even for a true moment ever. In reality, though, it never has. It is mythology just like the fables of Aesop or even the tales of Homeric glory, really.

The other day I was watching ninety to one-hundred years old soldiers from “The Greatest Generation of World War II” a tv personality hoping these folks were really fighting for the people values I am alluding to in those previous paragraphs, hoping over-time that reality showed for their faces within their old age, while the real “glory mongers” is not what was really occurring, in most cases went on to a higher world to Richard Nixon and Bob Dole. Indeed, capitalism and apple pie greatness is often a dream world invented like “The Matrix” to ‘keep the suckers pacified and all sorts of right from it all whilst getting fleeced from the reality actually sheep to your slaughter, but not exactly human towards the powers that be’. Men like Richard Nixon and Bob Dole, and all of the Masters of War glory mongers were human beings to your powers that be since they could function in fact knowing what it truly is without going genuinely crazy and horribly flinching or rebelling, but reveling inside the evil which is considered the warped good with this reality.

I remember a motion picture with actors Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Telly Savalas and Carroll O’Connor called “Kelly’s Heroes” that showed a parody-like reality of the items would happen should the “little guy” really understood the “big guys” were doing and pulling. Understand the full message of these movie, therefore you get the real message in this article. The history books are for your “big guys” as well as the “little guys” that escape the dream an entire world of those “big guys” history books finish up disgusted exploiters and Reality Winner (the multi language Middle-East translator and code breaker turned nonconformist and “criminal leaker” that has been on 60 Minutes an evening before this writing) type traitors out in their own business and seem to screw the glory mongering “big guys” every sleeping “little guy” reveres and wants to be similar to until they cook it there as being a “big guy” and realizes: “Damn, it’s not necessarily all this indicates, would it be?” To be honest, white-hat loser/black-hat winners just like me are the location where the hoax ends. That would happen to be true of Malcolm X, JFK, RFK, James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr., John Thomas Grinder, Jr., Richard Wayne Bandler and each other “little guy” including Jesus and Gandhi who wants better and change things at all like me and is woke with it all are the real deal, the simple truth is. Woke is not a religion, it is usually a reality whose the years have come and it is coming. So, I end that has a question: We all love to win, but nobody wants to get it done honestly without shortcuts, cheating or “dirty tricks” such as white-hat normally approved winners/black-hat normally approved loser news anchors, politicians, talking heads, game players, glory mongers and technological trick pulling jokers in the “glorious” establishment. Gee, it is been “pathetic and maligned” Brand X speaking. The past will not equal the long term, we live inside the present forever always. That is all I wanted to mention in this article without flinching.

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